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Why a blog? Why a blog about running, nutrition and emotional hurtles? Why me? …. Why not?

Growing up I needed a creative outlet to absorb my thoughts and redirect my focus from my surroundings. I was the kid with imaginary friends, the one that created these elaborate worlds and I would illustrate and write every moment I had free, outside of school work of course. You might say that’s any typical child with normal creativity. My creative outlets, however, always served a purpose other than personal entertainment. I utilized these outlets as an escape from an environment that wasn’t exactly kid friendly. I have continued to develop different means of expression as I’ve gotten older and you’ll be at ease to hear that my imaginary friends no longer come out to play…well, not that often.

What does that have to do with this particular blog? This blog serves as a different kind of creative outlet. Every person goes through trials, tribulations and triumphs. Sometimes those individuals go through those struggles alone. They would benefit from someone turning on “a flashlight” to show them that they are not in total darkness, hopelessly feeling to find a way out. I want to be able to share the life lessons I’ve had to learn and hope to share most of them in a somewhat comical fashion.

I hope that if I can touch just one life by baring my soul then this will be well worth the “why?”. I want to tell my story in such a way that encourages others to be able to tell their own. One person’s strength to overcome may very well be attributed from someone else’s “flashlight” being shown. Sometimes it takes believing in others to believe fully in yourself. I believe in you. If I can manage a way through then there’s no reason why you can’t as well.

You’ll discover how running has helped me to rediscover “me” again and how I regained a strength I thought I had lost forever. The past two years I have concentrated on clearing the mental clutter in my mind, lifting the burdens from my heart, and revitalizing my soul. Running may not be your flashlight, outlet or your muse but maybe you’ll find something that will be just as enlightening to you.

I am still learning, as you’ll see, but I hope that you’ll come along and learn with me. My continuing journey will be littered with information on running as I take on the task of training for my first half marathon, nutritional information that concentrates in hypertension reduction and relevancy to emotional hurdles past, present and onward.

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  1. Dana M. Chapman says:

    Hey! It’s me Dana your sister-in-law! I love it! It’s so pretty and inspiring! You are awesome! :)

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