Eat It to Beat It

Good eats without swollen feet. One thing I realized when I started trying to get off my blood pressure medication was that nutrition, for me in particular, played a huge supporting role. I happen to be one of those that have sodium sensitivity, which accounts for 1/3 of those with hypertension. Nutrition, period, plays one of the biggest roles in your life and your quality of living. A vehicle can not run smoothly and have less breakdowns if it is running on dirty, dingy fuel. Why do we expect our bodies to run on the poorest fuel available? The key word here is “available”. Can our bodies run on poor food choices? Yes. Should it? Absolutely not. We “choose” to use the worst fuel for our bodies. I am starting to become more familiar with better sources for fuel. I would like to focus on more organic choices and lower sodium items. Please note I said “more” not “completely replace every thing possible” because initially you would become overwhelmed and less likely to adhere to those healthy substitutions. This section is dedicated to nutritional finds. I also plan on creating a week-by-week plan to help me gradually step down from those foods that are overly loaded with sodium and other “crud” that makes our systems sluggish.


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  • [Na] : Sodium Diaries Some things I just can't shake and the salt shaker is one of them. I have severe hypertension (severe High Blood Pressure). When I was initially diagnosed with HBP I was 13. I had developed mono during middle school and despite my efforts to not miss school I had to go to the doctor. The doc discovered that my blood pressure was elevated to 170 / 120. I was told that from that day forward I would be on medication to regulate my blood pressure for the remainder of my life. No one looked further into why a teenager would have HBP they simply defaulted to it just being "genetic". During my mid-20's, quite possibly from a "quarter life crisis", I decided that I will no longer settle for the "default". A few years later after losing weight and reducing my sodium intake "a little too drastically" I was finally able to try a complete reduction of medication. I was no longer on medication.
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