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Bright Night 5k

This was the hardest race for me to run physically. I had been sick for over a week and I was just finished with boot camp. My body was fatigued and fighting hard just to breathe. I ran with tissues clutched in my hands and a cough drop in my mouth. It was windy and a little chillier than what it had been the previous couple of nights. I had often wondered if your body truly has to work harder when you’re sick and now I know for certain, at least my heart does. Generally, when I run a race my heart rate is within the 85 – 90% target rate “zone”. For this race it steadily inclined and passed 101%. I obviously was overworking my poor body since it was already straining to get well. Regardless of the sickness and fatigue I was still able to pull out a 33:34 time with an avg. 10:43 pace. I’ll take it. It was my second best race. I honestly feel as though boot camp did help me to strengthen my muscles even though I wasn’t running nearly as much. I think I will start incorporating more CrossFit drills into my running regimen so I don’t have to hit the pavement as much. It also helped to have to friends that I could keep pace with during the race, shout out to YaLana and Teresa! It was my first twilight run and I’m sure to not make it my last.

5th Annual Pirate Alumni Road Race 5k

I can not tell you how nervous I was starting this race. My mind was loaded with negativity with whether or not I would push too hard and re-tear my abdominal wall again. It’s my 7th 5k so there should be absolutely no need for nerves, just motion. I was anxious that I wouldn’t sub the 35:00 that I had been working so hard towards the last several months. I just squeaked by having my cycle so I didn’t have to worry about that sneaking up on me during a race, like it has done in the past. The back of my knee-cap was pulling most of the night and gave me the feeling of restless leg syndrome. Some of the “rituals” I go through were not available but this didn’t stress me out as much except for the butterfly swarm in my stomach that I calm down with TUMS first thing. I was out of those so swarm they did. I was running without my running partner and without my Nano (which had an unfortunate bout with the washing machine a few weeks back).

But, I must tell you that despite all of the potential set-backs I came out of that race strong. I didn’t stop, I enjoyed those first two miles of just taking in the sun and instead of dragging my feet on the last mile I was dragging the air. I pulled out a PR of 33:16 by the clock with a pace of 10:45. It was the first race where not only did I beat my last time of 35:47 but also my avg pace subbed 10:45 for all 3+miles. Despite the set backs of not being able to race in 5 months I came back with authority and it gave me the mental boost I needed to want to go the distance, a further distance, a 13.1 kind of distance. I will need to start massaging my iliotibial band because it is flaring up because of the uneven surface from the race. I’m use to running flat park paths. I think I have officially collected enough broken parts to be considered an athlete. I’ll go into further detail about my iliotibial band in my next post and the babying it will need. Until then, may the run be with you.