Can’t See The Road For The Mailboxes


My husband and I were driving home late from a friend’s house one night and as we were coming down our road I ended up passing our house. At first, I played it up that I was sleepy but when we turned around we realized that someone had driven right over our mailbox. The mailbox was flat and the perfect impression of a tire track was still fresh on the side. How could they have gone so far off the road? Was it dark, was an animal passing, were they texting? Whatever it was, they had to have been pretty distracted.

Sometimes when you’re pursuing a goal you’ll have bumps, potholes and, even on rare occasions, mailboxes that will manage to find a way into the direct line of your path. Occasionally, you get distracted, lose focus, and drift straight towards these “obstacles”. The absence of being aware of where you’re going can have you on the shoulder of the road wondering what exactly just happened.

Your best approach would be to access what caused the distraction. What could you have done differently to avoid the misjudgment. Don’t just run it over and not give it a second glance back. Half of progressing from our downfalls is knowing what caused them in the first place.

You are responsible for the detour and destruction that your being distracted caused. The wreckage will still be there the next time you travel down this same path if you don’t stop and take the time to clear the debris out of the way the first time around.

Some would bolt over those pot holes and hit and run the mailboxes without a second thought. If they had only stopped to repair the gravel, pick up the debris, claim that they plowed down someone’s property then the next time you traveled down the same road there would be less wreckage to slow you and your progress. You would have one less thing getting in the way of where you’d like to go.

Things that could hinder your progression may consist of negative thoughts, peer pressure, battling a cold or stress. The great thing about acknowledging these obstacles is that you have the ability to recognize that they exist and try your best to set-up cones, flashing lights and detour signs so the next you are well aware of what’s straight ahead of you.

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