Bright Night 5k

This was the hardest race for me to run physically. I had been sick for over a week and I was just finished with boot camp. My body was fatigued and fighting hard just to breathe. I ran with tissues clutched in my hands and a cough drop in my mouth. It was windy and a little chillier than what it had been the previous couple of nights. I had often wondered if your body truly has to work harder when you’re sick and now I know for certain, at least my heart does. Generally, when I run a race my heart rate is within the 85 – 90% target rate “zone”. For this race it steadily inclined and passed 101%. I obviously was overworking my poor body since it was already straining to get well. Regardless of the sickness and fatigue I was still able to pull out a 33:34 time with an avg. 10:43 pace. I’ll take it. It was my second best race. I honestly feel as though boot camp did help me to strengthen my muscles even though I wasn’t running nearly as much. I think I will start incorporating more CrossFit drills into my running regimen so I don’t have to hit the pavement as much. It also helped to have to friends that I could keep pace with during the race, shout out to YaLana and Teresa! It was my first twilight run and I’m sure to not make it my last.

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